The liberation of Sita – Review

This is a completely spoiler free review so you are welcomed to read the whole thing if you haven't read the book . In here are my views on this book and what I liked or didn't like . My experience with this book may help you to get to know if this book is... Continue Reading →


Feeling low ? Struggling to find anwers ? Everything can wait... but first you need to appriciate and love yourself. For a splash of confidence , go ahead and give it a read .

Struggles of a reader 

You think being a reader is easy ? Think twice darling ! And if you are a fellow bibliophile then you know what I mean ! And you probably can relate to all of these . (Well ok maybe not all but some)  I was there in front of my computer with a blank page gawking at me... Continue Reading →

Smash that TBR tag #1

Sometimes before even checking the synopsis we see the rating of the book. (Atleast I do that.) And sometimes we love the synopsis of the book but because of the low rating we put it aside and jump over to a new book . I so badly wanna end this  habbit of mine. If you... Continue Reading →

The fault in our stars

"The world is not a wish granting factory "                    - John green . Genre - Young adult , Romance .  Page count - 316  My ratings .  Plot -  4/5  Characters-  5/5  Writing - 5/5  Overall-  4.8/5  Let's get started with the review then. This is... Continue Reading →

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