Indian Bibliophile is a book blog dedicated to spread the love of reading, rant about books and make some Fandom inspired DIYs.


Every book we read has a life , a story to tell and an impact to make. A great book leaves it’s impressions on your soul, a good book makes you learn things,  a bad book ? Painful to read ? Well my lovelies they gives you experience.  And if a book doesn’t give you anything at least it gives you the pleasure of travelling into a different world.

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And what about the creator?  Who’s words are you listening to??

That’s me Parna aka the Indian Bibliophile.


I am a typical bong who loves Pandas and books more than anything. 😍😍😍 I am one of those average teens who finds the frictional bookworld preferable  to the harsh reality . And my love for books and crafts brings me to making this blog.  Where I can rant endlessly about books and make some fandom goodies.  😆😆

Now that you know me , Lets be friends!!!  ☺🙂

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