Indian Bibliophile is a blog dedicated to spread the love of reading, and share stories of  your journey. I believe every individual has a story to share, a experience to learn from.

Every book we read has a life , a story to tell and an impact to make. A great book leaves it’s impressions on your soul, a good book makes you learn things,  a bad book ? Painful to read ? Well my lovelies they gives you experience.  And if a book doesn’t give you anything at least it gives you the pleasure of travelling into a different world.

To know more about this book world navigate through some of my pages.


And what about the creator?  Who’s words are you listening to??

That’s me Parna aka the Indian Bibliophile.


I am a typical bong who loves Pandas and books more than anything. 😍😍😍 My love for books and yearning for tales brings me to making this blog.  Where I can rant endlessly about books and pour my heart out .

Now that you know me , Lets be friends!!!  ☺🙂

You can find me here …

Twitter – @parna_1

Instagram-  @parna_16

Snapchat- parna_16

Quora- Parna sarkar.

Personal queries ? Mail me here : Indianbibliophile@gmail.com






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