Mini review- Fire in Frost  (Crystal frost series #1)

Hey peeps!!! What’s up?  What’s your current read ?? Do let me know in the comment section ! Do you like e-books?? Have you read one ? Or is e-books are your only medium for reading?? Am damm excited to know about it , as I never liked e-books! But now recently this book “Fire in Frost” I read as a e-book and here’s a mini review of the book . 


                        Fire in Frost 

Firstly just look at the cover of this book it’s just gorgeous.  A moment of silence to praise the cover 😍 ! Yeah now lets continue. 

This book is The  debutant book of Alicia Rades. 

This book is the first book in The Crystal frost series . The book’s plot basically revolves around a girl Crystal who discovers a secret about her family that they are phychic descendents.  Her abilities though are much stronger than her other family members . But soon this secret brings upon responsibilities .

She uses her special powers to help a damsel in distress.  On her journey through this book she holds a strong bond of friendship between Emma (her best friend ) and Derek (the only love interest in the book) . Also her mother is  portrayed as a strong independent women who’s  a phychic too and  helps her in discovering her powers and enlightens her on how she can enhance them . This story picturises typical high school scenes and school drama but with a twist of a phycics’ thriller . The plot is simple basic and interesting . 

The writing style was simple and lucid . If you are a beginner reader you would thoroughly enjoy this book. Though the thing which lacked in this book was knowledge.  As phycics is an extremely interesting topic I wanted to know more about it.  Also the books claims to be based on physics.  But my thirst for that phychic factor was not quenched. There’s way too little information on that and for someone who craves psychological  thrillers this book has not much for you. It’s a read for the young hearts . The chapters are comparatively short hence easy to finish. The book will keep you hooked once you start reading it . Although I was disappointed by the abrupt ending.  

                      My rating – 3.2/5 

I do plan on reading the second book in The series as books tend to get better as the series follows . If you are new to reading or if you would want to get started with reading books on phychics this book can be a great start . 

Let me know if you would want a full review of this book . 

Till the next time keep spreading book love.  😊


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