And Then There Were None- Agatha Christie

Loved this book thoroughly… 😘

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I was in a massive reading slump when someone recommended this book to me and it definitely worked to get me back into my groove! I adore Agatha Christie but this has quickly become one of my all-time favourite books. I usually have a bad habit of anticipating plot twists but this one continuously caught me off guard.

And Then There Were None begins with ten strangers receiving invites to a mysterious private island owned by an unknown millionaire. Once the guests arrive on the island it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary vacation when a mysterious voice threatens to expose their darkest secrets. Much like the nursery rhyme that is displayed in each bedroom, the ten guests slowly find their numbers dwindling as each guest is killed one by one. Is there a murderer hiding on the island, or is one of their own responsible for the…

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