So many books , so little time !.jpg

Do you love reading ? ??  If yes then you are in the right place. If no then don’t worry the world of books is a amazing place to be , and I can assure you that you will fall in love with no time at all .  

I am your average girl who finds this book world so fascinating that wanna encourage others to be a part of it too .  I am a Indian, And in our country I feel everyone is just getting so preoccupied in this era of globalisation that they are forgetting this magical world . A book with a cup of coffee in a rainy day is in my opinion much better than spending a innumerable amount of time just netflix and chilling .

And as much as I love to read I love to make book inspired goodies and rant impeccably about books .  I always wanted those fancy bookmarks inspired from the specific books but couldn’t get it .  And then the thought came of making them myself  and customising them just the way I want.

Feel free to leave your suggestion  down .  I would love to read them all and it would really make my day .

Come join us ! A wonderland for booklovers